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Sept '14 - Dec '14
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Workplace simplifies your work day by putting all of the tasks that you are assigned to (across tools) in to one easy-to-view feed.


This was part of the Codepath iOS / Swift Immersive course that I took in Fall 2014. Our final project was to concieve an app and prototype it in XCode.


Our team consisted three designers that were learning how to code & prototype iOS apps natively. I collaborated with Henry Freel & Bjorn Rostad, two designers that were also a part of the course.


We went from brainstorming on paper to a polished XCode project in 4 weeks. During CodePath Demo Day, we presented our app to directors of companies like Evernote, Box, and Udemy.

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Final visuals

What is Workplace?

Workplace is an app that aggregates all of your work-related tasks from various teams and project management tools in to one place (think: Your trello cards, pivotal tracker stories, asana tasks, google calendar meetings, all in one place ).

Often times, different teams in the same company use different product management tools. Engineeers may use Pivotal Tracker, designers may use basecamp, and product management may prefer Trello; each team choosing the tool that suits their own needs and workflows. This is especially true the larger the company gets.

For collaborators across teams, this makes keeping track of tasks that are assigned to them by different teams difficult, since they have to check multiple tools. Workplace aims to simplify this process.

Project Image
Project Image

Early stage brainstorming

Design & Prototype

The top half of the screen is where we pull in all of of the user's Pivotal stories, Trello Cards, Basecamp to-dos, basically anything they are responsible for, on any tool.

In the bottom half of the screen there is an hourly view of the user's day, so they can see your meetings, appointments, and more importantly the free time they have to work.

Demo of Workplace with explanation

All tasks can either be completed, or moved to later dates. The actions in our app correspond nicely with the project management tools we pull in. This means Trello will utilize metaphors like "Archive" and "Move", whereas Pivotal Tracker will use actions such as "Complete". We wanted to make sure this app worked consistently with the tools that the user's team are already using, not replace them.

The user can use gestures to move, rearrange, and drag tasks on to the calendar. We also use a Mailbox-like interaction to dismiss / complete tasks.

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Workplace is published on Github